maandag, juli 13, 2009

O.J. Makes Bail Request

Former football Hall of Famer, O.J. Simpson, has promised not to disappear or endanger the community if he's freed from prison as a result of his pending appeal. Simpson was imprisoned for nine to 33 years for an armed hotel room heist, in which he stole his own autographed sports memorabilia and relics. "Simpson recognizes that he has a heavy burden in demonstrating that his release will pose no danger to the community and that he is not a flight risk," attorneys Yale Galanter and Malcolm LaVergne said in a follow-up document filed Monday with the state's only appellate court. "Simpson will strictly adhere to whatever conditions this court sets for bond." According to the Associated Press, a three-member panel of Nevada Supreme Court Justices plan to sit for appeal arguments on Aug. 3 in Las Vegas as per the former athlete's request to post bond while a seven-member court decides upon his appeal. The new papers include an affidavit from one of the two memorabilia dealers robbed in the September 2007 encounter, renewing his allegation that Clark County District Attorney David Roger wouldn't let him drop the charges against Simpson. "I wanted all of the charges against O.J. Simpson dropped," Alfred Beardsley said in the document. "After I testified, the Clark County district attorney's office fabricated the idea that the reason I was a reluctant witness was because Mr. Simpson had intimidated, threatened or promised me something of value." The two-page affidavit also referenced Beardsley's denial before a judge that he received Simpson's NFL Hall of Fame ring in exchange for a testimony in his favor in the Las Vegas case. "Mr. Simpson has never promised me anything for me to testify the way I did," Beardsley said. Simpson, 61, is in prison for kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon in the gunpoint robbery of Beardsley and memorabilia broker Bruce Fromong in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2007. Roger has filed documents asking the state high court to keep Simpson jailed referencing the length of his sentence and Simpson's admission in 2008 that he violated a court order by trying to communicate with a co-defendant before trial.

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