donderdag, juli 09, 2009

Malia Obama Backs Her Father

Barack Obama's oldest daughter, 11-year-old Malia, made her own anti-nuclear statement when she rocked two peacenik t-shirts in Rome. Malia wore the t-shirt with the logo famous for Nuclear Disarmament as her father, President Obama, preps for three days os G8 talk in Italy. Her fashion/political statement came just two days after President Obama signed agreements with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to reduce nuclear weapons storage. First, she wore a grey T-shirt bearing the CND logo to visit the Colosseum in Rome with her mother, Michelle, and seven-year-old sister Sasha. During the visit, she swapped it for a white and grey top also donning the logo, reports The Daily Mail. The symbol, designed for the CND in 1958, is now widely recognized as a sign for peace and is also an international sign for anti-war protesters. President Obama spent two days in Moscow ealier this week meeting president Medvedev and prime minister and former president Vladimir Putin. In the meeting, the U.S. and Russia signed a deal to reduce their stockpiles of nuclear weapons. The 'joint understanding' would see the two countries - which between them have 95 per cent of the world's nuclear firepower - cut the number of nuclear warheads to around 1,500 from current levels above 2,200. At the height of the Cold War both sides had some 40,000. Mr Medvedev agreed to the weapon reduction targets despite the lack of a U.S. promise to scrap plans - vehemently criticised by the Kremlin - to deploy missile defence facilities in former Soviet satellite states. Malia is apparently a fan of her father's work, though the deal is simply a 'guide' for negotiators as the nations work toward a replacement pact for the START arms control agreement, which expires in December. The CND, a British campaign, aims to rid the world of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. In April, Obama made a speech in Prague committing to nuclear disarmament which was 'warmly welcomed' by the CND. It has also welcomed this week's agreement between Russia and the U.S., claiming the 'first step has been taken' in abolishing nuclear weapons.

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