zondag, augustus 09, 2009

True or False: White Women Compliment Each Other and Black Women Just Hate

Some people say the strength of the black community lies within black women. Yet, when it comes to sisterhood they can’t seem to work with each other. The word “HATE” comes to life because one is always trying to step on the other because they feel that they can do it better. Now some of you may say, this isn’t a problem but Essence Magazine begs to differ and we found this statement on facebook: Why do Black Women hate on other Black Women so much? Cuttin Eyes, Lookin You Up & Down, “Oh, Look At This B*tch!” etc? White Women compliment each other, “your hair looks great” “Oh, I Love those shoes” “Cute Top” etc. Why So Much Black On Black Women Hate? And don’t be a cute Black Woman!

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